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farewell, my love

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  • Craven College - Skipton, England - North Yorkshire, United Kingdom (2006 present)

who i am
faith, 17, west yorkshire. musical theatre actress-to-be. conservative in behaviour, liberal in views. voracious reader. terribly old-fashioned in etiquette and interests. too passionate and hyper-sensitive for my own good. animal lover. book collector.
what i love
literature, art of the late 19th/early 20th century, fashion of the last 1000 years or so, old photographs, antiques, the colour green, charles dickens, musical theatre, ragtime, sweeping pre-raphaelite velvet dresses, pianos, cats, silent films and their stars, classic films and stars in general, socialism, victorian sensationalist and mystery novels, fashion plates, 1910s/1920s politics, the gothic novel, the goddess that is ingrid bergman, great britain, europe, culture, sherlock holmes, history, religious education, church, cranberry juice, spencer jackets, little known historical figures, west highland terriers and ragdoll cats, the smell of citrus fruits, period dramas, penguin popular classics, edwardian actresses, early postcards, the body shop, victorian porcelain dolls
my heroes
branwell brontë, sherlock holmes, carole lombard, the brontë sisters, dickon sowerby, toby stephens, charles dickens, ingrid bergman, edward rochester, richard armitage, james stewart, hareton earnshaw, stephen fry.
favourite films
casablanca, brief encounter, sabrina, in the mood for love, in which we serve, amelie, butch cassidy and the sundance kid, the shop around the corner, gaslight, rebecca, the wicked lady, to be or not to be, laura, it's a wonderful life, spellbound, the best years of our lives, the postman always rings twice, moulin rouge!, gigi, harvey, the apartment, rebel without a cause, notorious, to have and have not, some like it hot.
books, both new and old, edwardian actress postcards, classic movie star 8x10s, movie annuals, 1920s-1940s

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