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memes are better than chocolate. well, perhaps not quite.

Look at your LJ userpics list. If you have fewer than 50 icons, pick every fifth one. If you have between fifty and seventy-five icons, pick every seventh one. If you have over seventy-five icons, pick every tenth one. If you have fewer than ten, pick all of 'em. List them on your LJ, and tell everyone exactly why you have it, why it's interesting to you, what significance does it have.

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angsty stuff, ignore me

I'm so bored with myself.

I really ought to get to church next week because I do feel sort of lacking in anything. Lacking in emotion or anything.

The BAFTAs tonight were mostly awful. The only high points were Pan's Labyrinth winning Film in a Foreign Language and James McAvoy getting clapped - the proud look on Anne-Marie Duff's face was worth hours of misery.

Also, never ever google Joan Bennett with large images filter switched on. I did NOT need to see that.
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yeah, just spent too much money I don't have

BECAUSE I AM AWESOME, I today bought five postcards of the beautiful Gladys Cooper for £10. They're really stunning and I'm going to have to scan them and post on ladyaudley, hahah.

And then, when I got back from Haworth, I bought a 1913 fashion magazine on Ebay because I'm sort of addicted at the moment, although I'm only going to buy things that are sort of investments.

There's a signed picture of Alice Faye in The Souk. It's worth a lot of money, but mostly for the frame which is solid silver so that's kind of depressing, I really want the picture but I'm not willing to pay £200 for a frame I don't even want. It's sort of ugly. But the picture is incredible. And signed!

There's a major lot that I'm bidding on and REALLY want to win because it's an absolute bargain that ends at about 4AM tomorrow morning. I might have to set an alarm or something. I know it sounds stupid, but I could make a lot of money out of this item and I'm really interested.

I'm putting my £100 towards all this good stuff, you know. It's the only way I can justify it.

I also discovered that The Souk has two Victorian fashion plates for sale and, folks, you have no idea how tempted I am. £10 each. 1843. My favourite era. Oh, it's tough being me.
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Meg came back after fourteen hours.

She looked terrible. Muddy, filthy, soaking wet.

She jumped at every sound and ran around the house nervously.

She'd obviously been through some kind of ordeal.

She hasn't eaten and I'll tell you, that's extraordinarily unlike her. First she was cleaning herself, then she just fell asleep.

I've spent most of the last five hours crying because I honestly thought I'd lost her.

We might never let the cats out again. Because we believe that Meg was being chased by something.

Hmmm, yeah.

I don't want to sleep tonight. I'm still worried about her, she's terribly frail.
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My Meggy has been missing for about twelve hours. I know that cats stay out for long stretches at times but I'm still ridiculously churned up, especially as the ground is covered in snow. I've been praying that she shows up soon. Isn't it crazy how pets are so important to people? Although perhaps crazy's not the right word.

Yeah, that's been the day's major event. I've not done anything but search for her all day, this is the first I've come online because I didn't want to be away from the windows in case I spotted her. But it's dark now so there's nothing I can do. And I'll tell you something, walking up, and more importantly, down, a very steep hill when there's that horrible slushy slippery snow on it is not a pleasant way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Even the pavements were too slippy to walk on, and I had to walk down the middle of the road.

I just hope my Meg comes back soon because I've already had one cat go missing and it's just awful waiting and expecting and never getting any news.
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a horse and cart is far more reliable. unless the horse dies.

Just got a call from my mum who was out picking up the car.

There's a problem with it and she's had to call the RAC.

How utterly hopeless is that? I mean, it's literally only just come back from the garage who have had it for four weeks.

This is all absolutely insane, and it looks like I won't be going to Haworth this weekend after all.

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it's gonna be a beautiful day

After a month in the garage and several months of inactivity, the car is finally coming back home today! I'm so excited. I haven't been in a car for weeks which is slightly tragic. Travelling everywhere by bus is all very well if you have a lot of time on your hands but I tell you, getting to Ilkley by public transport is a little evil. And I can't remember the last time I went to Haworth. Possibly when Jadey (sensation_rag) was here in the autumn. That's like a death sentence. Not Jade being here, lol. But not being able to get to Haworth.

My plan for the day. Mess about in Photoshop until mother gets home. Possibly go out. Come back and work on website. If I don't go out, then I'll work on website all day.

My cats make me insanely happy. They're so adorable. And, if they could, they'd agree with me.
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my mum is the best.

Yeah, my mum cheered up which is a good thing. I know she gets grouchy and says things she doesn't mean. It hurts but usually I can deal with it. Tonight I couldn't for some reason, it just got to me. And we were arguing about something so ridiculous and meaningless - a blocked toilet, lol.

We had a really good chat just now. We were talking about all sorts of things - gay marriage and adoption, war, being a Christian, judging people - for over two hours and it felt really good to just... let go. Talking til one o'clock is lots of fun =) I love my mum to bits, she's pretty much my best friend.